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Escape Reloaded Story


In a world destroyed by ego’s larger than the hands that built it, all that is left is a vast wasteland controlled by criminals. In this dog eat dog world preparation is necessary, power is key and survival is everything. 28 years ago amidst this broken world 2 people were brought to life. Growing up in a broken home in a broken cult among broken people, these two were destined to become as bitter as the earth they walked. After being beaten up and broken for years they decided they had enough. Change will come. It’s our time to escape!


At the age of 12 Tua had to pack up his gear and was thrown into the wastelands all by himself. Deformities and a crippled leg made him an outcast and that meant he was worthless to the community. After being forced to survive on his own Tua found his place among people who shared his fate. The outcast. Over the years he found his way and became their leader. Set to find a cure for their fate he took it upon himself to leave the shelter and find the cure. Weeks after leaving the shelter he encountered a band of criminals who’s sole purpose was to steal, torture and kill anything that roamed the wasteland. They forced Tua to drink the toxic waste they found on their route to the capitol. Tua drank they fluorescent steaming liquid and got knocked out by a blow to the head. They left him for dead burning in the sun. When Tua woke up he found himself dehydrated and in shock. With no water to be found all he had left was the toxic waste he had been forced to drink. After drinking all that was left he lost conscious. Waking up days after the encounter, Tua felt something changing in his body. His energy went up, his leg which had been numb for all of his life regained just a little bit of feeling and his mind which had been his greatest power since he was born was set into overdrive. It was at this moment Tua figured out toxic waste was more than what the government made it out to be. Tua found his way back to the shelter and explained what he had found out. Toxicity didn’t necessarily mean certain death. Toxicity could be a good thing for all of them. It was at this moment Tua decided it was time to escape the world he was thrown into, it was time to escape this life, it was time to overthrow the ruling powers and take back what was theirs all along!


For all he knew Gane was destined to join the army and fight for the capitol, the power that controlled the world after the war. That is what he was taught from when he was  just a boy playing soldiers around the wastelands. He had always been the fastest, strongest and most agile out of all of his friends. That is why he was recruited by scouts and taken away from his family at the age of 12. He found his place in the army as a soldier at first. However, both his peers and his superiors noticed an unrivalled determination in everything he did and was. His superiors used this to their advantage by promoting to leader of the new recruits, his peers. Although this was an honor it left him vulnerable to his peers which had it out for him. They did anything they could to sabotage his reign over them and did so successfully which left Gane to deal with the consequences. He got beaten up, mutilated and mentally abused by both his peers and his superiors. Though they thought it would break his spirit and kill his ambitions, it just made him stronger and more determined to become the leader he was destined to be. He climbed the ranks higher and higher until he became leader of a scouts group appointed to scout the wastelands for survivors both innocents and criminals.


One day one of his missions into the wastelands led him and his squad into some previously undiscovered territory. It seemed like something or someone had gone out of their way to hide this place. The entrance was made out of 2 giant metal doors hidden under some scrap metal and layers and layers of dust and sand. He commanded his troops to uncover the entrance and open the doors because whatever it was that was down there. It had to be important enough for someone to hide it this well. As they uncovered the entrance a light green glare came up from under the metal doors. Though in the back of his mind Gane knew he had to back off and call his superiors, his curiosity and sense of pride forced him to open the doors. The moment the doors opened their life as they knew it changed forever.


After gaining more and more support for the experiments with toxic waste on several different mutated animals, Tua was ready to take it to the next level. This meant experimenting on live people. However, as much support as he got from the other outcast for his experiments, not one of them would volunteer for live experiments on human bodies. Convinced of his own knowledge of the substance and determined to show everyone it could help them Tua came up with a plan to experiment on his own body. After regaining a small sensation in his leg from his involuntary ‘experiment’ out in the wasteland he was certain of the fact the right dose could give back full operation of his leg. This had never been done before in any form of medicine. Which is why no one was eager to try it in the shelter. After convincing his assistant it could work Tua secretly conducted the experiment on his own leg. Fully aware of the fact the wrong dose could kill him and potentially a lot of other people he went for it and shot a dose of toxic waste directly into his bloodstream. The adrenaline his body produced in response knocked him out completely.


As their eyes got used to the glare coming out of the underground storage, or so they thought, they noticed a long and narrow staircase into the depths of the underground. Four of his seven squad members freaked out and tried to convince the others to turn around and get help, knowing they just bit of more than they could chew. Gane was determined to find out what was down there and bring it back to the capitol, his guts told him this was going to be a big one. As the three of them descended down the staircase they noticed chatter at the end of the stairs. It seemed like people talking, but that couldn’t be. How could anything or anyone have survived this long this deep underground? It had been 30 years since the all consuming war that wiped everything. This was impossible. As they got down the stairs they heard people moaning as if they were in constant agony. Not knowing what they would uncover they walked in. The floor was covered with people. Not just any kind of people, nearly half of these people were no more than a useless heap of skin and bones. Not one of them tried to stop them from walking through the entire underground city. That is until they came up to some kind of big room guarded by men from which they had never seen the likes before. These giant creatures stood at least 7 feet tall and probably weighed more than a car each. Whatever it was that was in that room, it was important and probably the reason for this enormous underground community. They had to know what it was.


As he woke up Tua looked into the eyes of his assistant. As though he had seen a ghost he jumped back and fell to the floor. Not knowing why his assistant would be this freaked out Tua sat up on the table he was laying on. All he remembered was injecting the dose of toxic waste into his leg and falling asleep. He dreamt of walking, running, climbing and.. fighting. Why did he dream about fighting? What did this mean. Did the experiment work? Tua stood up from the table as if his leg had never been crippled. It worked. IT WORKED, his experiment worked. He could walk again. Fuck, not just walk, he could run, swim climb, he could live again! That is when it came to him, it wasn’t just him, he could cure everyone down here. His first two subjects were the people that brought him here. Two giants who would stand 7 feet, if they could. Whatever disease it was that broke them, Gane was sure he could cure them. The dose was right and the experiment worked. Well, it did a little more than that. These two got bigger than they ever were as if something in their DNA changed for the better due to the toxicity in their blood. They would be able to stop anything in their path. Right?


What was left of his squad aimed their guns straight at the giants. They didn’t even blink. One shot only an inch from the ear of one of them. Nothing.  Not a twitch. What kind of human would be able to stand there like that? Well, human? They didn’t even look like normal humans anymore.


While curing one of his friends a loud bang shook up the entire room. As if someone was firing a gun. But how could that be. There were no guns down here, right? But that… That meant someone found them. Was it them? Was it the army, was it the capitol that found out they were down there. Was this it? This would mean everything would be lost.


“Come out right know, show us what or who you are!” Keep your guns aimed at the door, we don’t know what or who will come out but be prepared for anything.


Suddenly a voice shouted “Come out right know, show us what or who you are!” This was it, whatever was behind that door would probably be instructed to kill on sight. With nothing left to protect them they had no choice but to walk out and face their destiny!

Gane & Tua

There they were face to face only 10 feet between them. It had been decades since the last time they saw each other. “HOLD YOUR FIRE!!” shouted Gane.   “Stand down” commanded Tua. “Brother? Is it really you? I thought you died a million years ago.”Gane “As did I brother”Tua.


Tua Explained how he got to the shelter after he was left for dead in the wasteland and how he came to investigating the hidden powers of the toxic waste the capitol dumped all over the wasteland. It didn’t take long convincing Gane that he was nothing more than a puppet in a war against the damned conducted by the capitol. As Gane found out he had been used by his government all his life he felt a fire burning inside like he had never felt before. “How can I help” Gane said. It was at that moment Tua knew he had found much more than just a brother, he had found himself an ally. A willing and able force that could give him the power he needed to make an impact.

Together they convinced all the outcast in the shelter to take a dose of toxic waste just strong enough to give them back the life that was taken from them. All of them agreed as they had seen what it had done to Tua himself. It created an angry green blooded toxic waste induced army. All they needed now was a leader, a general. It was at that moment Tua asked Gane if he would be his last experiment. He had never experimented on a healthy human before. And for this to work he had to find out what it would do to him. There was no doubt in his voice when Gane said: “do what you need to do, give us the advantage we need”. Tua tied him down to the table and filled up his arm with a toxic waste injection. Immediately he started changing but it wasn’t the change like they both saw before. This was different. There were no broken bones or missing limbs that could be fixed so what would happen. It seemed like his muscles were ready to burst out of his body, his eyes went green and were wide open like a cats eyes. He ripped of the ropes that held him down and lifted up the table as if it were made of air. Tua looked at him not knowing what would happen when Gane turned around and projected the biggest smile he had ever seen on his face. “Brother, it is time to win this war”.


A few days went by before the agreed it was time to march on the capitol. They had built an army large and strong enough to overthrow the capitol. Or so they thought. After fighting battle after battle they found out they needed one last push to take  on the capitol. They had heard of a special breed of people. Fierce, powerful and passionate. A true kind of warrior ready to fight for what they stand for. They both knew they had to find them and get them to join their army. It turned out these people would gather for a ritual in a few days. That would be their chance to get them to join the cause and make a last stand together. This was what they had been fighting for. A final piece to the puzzle, a last stand. No more running, no more hiding. They were going to destroy the capitol. This was their time, their time to escape!


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